I had a color (highlights/lowlights) with Alyssa and highly recommend her!! She was very attuned to understanding exactly what I was going for. She asked lots of important questions to make sure we were on the same page. She is honestly one of the best out of over a hundred stylists who have colored my hair over the years.

Great messy bob cut by the lovely Ms Laurel. First time cutting my hair and took the time to shape it just the way I like it to let my natural wave come out.

I am so happy with the haircut I received at Hartzo Hair Shop! Full disclosure, the owner is a longtime friend of mine, and I reached out to him after having a bit of a traumatizing hair experience at a supposedly curly hair focused salon several months prior. I was genuinely filled with anxiety at the thought of having to get my hair cut again! I am sure anyone with curly hair can relate to this fear, because it seems like very few stylists understand how to cut it. I relayed some of my fears and quirks about my hair, and he recommended that I make an appointment with Laurel at his salon.

In short, Laurel was absolutely amazing. She was very patient with me and really listened when I told her what my concerns were as well as how I'd like my hair to look. She really took her time in examining my hair and feeling the different textures throughout, noticing the curl pattern and recommending what was going to be the best for my hair. She dry cut my curls before she washed them, which really made a huge difference, and she also really respected that my hair gets really agitated when it's overly handled. It usually takes my hair 2 weeks to find its groove and recover from being cut, but it looked absolutely fantastic when I styled my hair the next day! No frizz, my hair felt healthy and curled very simply and naturally. I am so, so happy with how I was treated and how my hair turned out! Thank you so much Laurel!

I love love loooove Trixie!! She's done my hair a couple times and i will continue to go back! I've had long hair all my life and was nervous about going short. She eased all my worries and listened to what I wanted. Cut about 9 inches off and I absolutely LOVE it!! Could not have gotten a better cut anywhere else. Thank you Trixie!! Love Hartzo Hair shop and not to mention, great customer service.

I LOVE my hair! Alyssa did such an amazing job with my cut and color. We went with a subtle balayage and I seriously couldn't be happier. She is incredibly professional, patient, kind, and an absolute joy to work with. I won't be trusting anyone else with my hair besides her for many years to come. Schedule an appointment with her and I promise you won't be disappointed! Thank you so much! :)

Alyssa turned my hair from a sad washed out blonde to a purple ombre. It looks killer and I've gotten tons of compliments! She is a fantastic creative colorist and is meticulous and thoughtful in her process. Also she's hilarious. Thanks Alyssa!!!!

Trixy is incredible! I somehow ended up with a shocking red (I was blonde!) from another stylist, and Trixy stayed hours late to help get me back to a color I was comfortable with and loved. Trixy is so patient, a great listener, and she really knows her way around that color wheel. I am so grateful for her, and I definitely recommend her!

Bruh... Trixy is FIRE!!!!!!!!!! I went in all bored with my hair... ACTUALLY, LET'S BE HONEST... I had lost ALL hope

and she's all like: "I gotchu."

First time ever meeting this lady she turned me into a goddess. I went from drab to fab. (Dont worry, I'll post pictures)

I MEEAAANNNNN, I've gotten more compliments on this dang haircut and color than pretty much ever. She's a magician baby angel... too good for this world.

Listen to me now. She fixed me.... not just my hair, but my heart and soul.

If you're a fun person looking for a big change, this gal's gonna get it done. She ain't scurrrd.

that's all I got.

Michael gave me the best hair and beard cut I have ever received.

Everyone at the shop is super talented and super friendly!